Welcoming Our Delegation from Bangladesh!

Yesterday, we had the immense pleasure of hosting a delegation from Bangladesh at our school. It was an enriching day filled with cultural exchange, innovative learning, and inspiring discussions.

The day started with a warm welcome from our headmistress Mrs. Steffens, followed by the group splitting up to visit the classes of three colleagues from Siegburg Vocational College. This gave our guests a firsthand look at our teaching methods in action. Later, half of the group experienced our P.L.A.N. project through a series of interactive stations:

  • VR Glasses: Bringing global economics and cultures into the classroom.
  • Merge Cubes: Enhancing coding skills and illustrating vocational learning situations digitally.
  • Teacher's Role: Emphasizing agile management and the evolving role of teachers in a digital, connected environment.
  • Student Assignments: Promoting teamwork through selected methods like Think-Pair-Share.

Meanwhile, the other group received a presentation from our headmistress, Mrs. Steffens, about the dual education system. The groups then switched, ensuring everyone got the full experience. We concluded the day with a joint session, sharing insights and reflecting on our mutual learnings.
We truly enjoyed the day, embracing the opportunity to learn as lifelong learners and benefit from this exchange.